The Duckworth Chronicles


So you think Chesapeake Bay ducks have a dull life? Then you’ve never met Duckworth and his friends; not to mention the peanut butter and jelly fish, the spinnaker bouncing contest, the invisible Mallard or the alligator stone.

This is the page for Duckworth, whose full story is chronicled in The Duckworth Chronicles by John Reisinger. The book of Duckworth stories is divided into three sections: The Duckworth Papers, The Duckworth Dosier, and Duckworth Redux. Here for the first time is the full story of the Great Miles River Duck Riot, The Mystery of Mumbles Manor, The Great Crab Race, The Haunted Marsh, The Crisfield Pearls and a lot of other things most other ducks try to avoid.

So take a look around. On these pages you will find everything from a list of Duckworth’s friends to a Duckworth Dictionary, to some Duckworth songs. (Well,they’re actually songs sung by Bob the Singing Cicada, but Duckworth likes them, too.) There are even a few Duckworth stories that are not included in the book.